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Stocklots for Sale in Vietnam

Hi, my name is Chris and I work with Frank and Tram to offer you stocklots for sale in Vietnam. We have close relationships with over 100 factories in Vietnam making everything from apparel to zippos. Join our mailing list today to get announcements for new stocklots for sale in Vietnam!
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How our relationship started

Frank has been working in the apparel business in Vietnam for 20 years as a quality control service provider. I, Chris, have been working in the Vietnam garment business for 8 years as the marketing manager for a sewing factory in Ho Chi Minh city. Tram has been working as a buyer for one of the largest grocery stores in Vietnam since 2012. Frank is the bank and QC back up. I am the escout and Tram keeps the factories honest and on schedule. If you are willing to buy stocklots for sale in Vietnam then work with the A team!

Our philosophy on stocklots for sale in Vietnam

We support all our factories to produce the exact amount with no defects and sell to the original owner. As life is not perfect, mistakes happen and broken promises happen on both sides, stocklots for sale in Vietnam are a reality. If you are a garment stock lot buyer then please share your philosophy. We are interested. If we are dealing with branded garments stock lots it is very important to us to respect brands rights and follow the law. For clothes stocklots the branding issue is critical. For non-apparel stock lots that have no branding we can process everything quickly.

Our wholesale stocklots processing steps

We get information from factory about stocklot offer
We send you the information about the stocklot
You offer target buy price.
We send you a sample using your DHL, FedEx or EMS account.
You review sample and specify your buyer requirements
We confirm with factory if factory can meet your buyer requirements
All parties agree
You transfer deposit to our bank account
Factory prepares 80% of goods for shipment for pre-shipment inspection
We do pre-shipment inspection and send report to you
You approve the report
You receive draft bill of lading from factory
You pay remaining amount to us
We pay factory
Factory sends original bill of lading and shipping documents to you
Factory ships goods
You confirm receipt of goods in good condition
If there are problems then we work together to solve any problem

Stock Lot Meaning vs Ready Made Garments (RMG)

Ready-made garments are mass-produced finished textile products of the clothing industry.
The first ready-made garments started in the United States. They were ready-made uniforms for soldiers in the war. Very little attention was placed on sizing and fashion trends. The clothing was made to fit the masses and not have any branding. The main goal was to clothe people cheaply. The term ready-made implies that something is made beforehand for general sale. Ready-made garments lack originality and can be brought to market quickly because they are easy to produce.

Stock lots on the other hand can be either ready-made garments or branded garments. Garments become stock lots when the original buyer refuses to buy them or the factory overproduces. Original buyers may refuse garments because the factory missed a shipment deadline, the garments did not pass quality control standards, or they simply don’t want to take delivery.

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